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Disneyland Blue Bayou fireflies direct from the creator!

If you have not seen this site dealing with the simulated fireflies at Disneyland, check it out. It is a good read. The page author is now offering to sell pre-made fireflies just like the ones used in Pirates of the Caribbean. I have a set (that runs on AA batteries) and they really do look amazing in a darkened room! If you do visit, tell him Al sent ya. Plans are also made available at the Hidden Mickey site for those who want to build their own. Check out this page and see what you think.

I'm a fan of theme parks in general, and no one designed a theme park as well as Walt Disney. Here in the States, Disneyland and Walt Disney World stand out above other theme parks in virtually all areas. This page is my tribute to these parks, with my favorite links as well as my own galleries of photos I have taken during visits.

If you would like to explore my photo galleries, please visit

Disneyland - California Walt Disney World - Florida (Some of) My Favorite Disney Links! Check out my Other Theme Parks InfoPage.
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