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Every now and then, when I travel, one of my Al Pals finds me and, usually, poses for a picture with me. I'm always happy to be in a picture with a friend, and I've collected a few of the more interesting ones for this page.

Peter Tork, musician (and former TV star of The Monkees) and I got to meet up in Dallas, Texas awhile back.
While in Dallas, James Lee Stanley, a fine musician on Beachwood Records (with a great sense of humor), got a chance for a photo quickie.
A smashingly good comedian, Gallagher, caught me when I was downtown in Des Moines, Iowa, not to long ago. He seems like a great guy.
These guys were nothing but trouble. I should have never posed with them. Pinkard and Bowden, comedy musicians, stopped by at the Funny Bone (along with their drummer, formerly of Wild "Play That Funky Music White Boy" Cherry).
My Pal, Maynard, took a break from his duties of Haunted Mansion host for this hands-on session.
Tony Baxter, one of the lead Imagineers with the Walt Disney Company, caught me while I was visiting his work at the New Tomorrowland during the Annual Passholders Party. Very nice guy as well, who's written some nice things too.
And I just couldn't turn down some of the most respectable gentlemen on the planet when given a chance for this group shot. Riders in the Sky, the singing cowboys, stopped in one cold evening at this dinner theater. Anything else wouldn't be "the Cowboy Way".

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