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New OS-9 software vendor: Digital Ashpyxia (Chet Simpson) will soon be offering Personal OS-9 for x86 which will see the return of OS-9 for hobbyists and should include installation programs, and things like the OS-9 port of MAME and DOOM as well as other suprises.

OS-9 is a multi-user, real-time, pre-emptive multi-tasking 32 bit operating system for the Motorola 68K family of processors. It is mainly used for industrial purposes, though desktop ports for Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, and Apple Macintosh also exist. Microware created it back in 1980, and it's evolved through the years and now supports x86, PowerPC, StrongARM, SH, and SPARC and MIPS processors.

This page is NOT and official site for OS-9 but, rather, a starting point for locating other OS-9 resources on the internet. Watch this space for information in the future. If you want the real scoop, be sure to visit

OS-9 Timeline:

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