August 22nd, 2001 - I've decided to give these old pages a new home. The content is old, but perhaps it is still useful.

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Al at DAKGreetings. This is Al (formerly of Sub-Etha Software which is formerly of Lufkin, Texas) and this is my vanity page. I'm trying hard to make it live up to everyone's expecations by filling it with useless information about myself which, for some strange reason, people who visit my site will be compelled to read.

Useless Information About Myself Which, for Some Strange Reason, People Who Visit My Site Will Be Compelled to Read:

For some of my writing contributions, check my articles which have appeared in Uptime, the world of 68' micros, the International OS-9 Underground, and the Atlanta Computer Society newsletter, among others (including a short blurb in Computer Shopper ages ago when I "worked" for the GEnie online service).

What else did you expect on such a self-indulging page? Anyone who just has to put up such a vanity web-page is bound to have some kind of complex... Or at least live in one.

However, to this date, the fame has yet to go to my head. It's not like I'm going to run out and form my own club or anything.

Al's Place Club Information:

Al's Place
c/o Allen C. Huffman
P.O. Box 22031
Des Moines, IA 50325-9401
Attn: Al

Take a look at some of my Al Pals!

After having this page up for years, I thought I should clarify something. The merchandise I list here is a joke, but it does exist. If anyone ever really wanted to buy any of it, I'm sure we could work something out :-)

Official Al's Place Merchandise

If you want to contact me, please use my use my prefered "alias" address of which will follow me anywhere. Get one for yourself at POBOX.COM so you never have to send out one of those tacky "change of address" letters to a zillion of your internet pals. Let's face it, after you do that a few times it really gets old. End of plug.

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