August 22nd, 2001 - I've decided to give these old pages a new home. The content is old, but perhaps it is still useful.

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I am sorry I haven't updated this page in ages. There is alot going on lately, and I'll try to get information here shortly. Thanks for hanging in there!

The CoCo and OS-9 ftp site is still around:

And yes, CoCoFests are still happening, and even though the original model came out in 1980 (being the first computer with easy to use sound and graphics), loyal hobbyists continue to fire them up daily. CoCoFests are planned for the big 20th Anniversary of the Color Computer in 2000. (Unfortunately, our real-time clocks probably won't be working at that show...)

For the best Color Computer resources on the web, visit:
The Ultimate Color Computer home page!

Upcoming CoCo Events!

CoCo Support Clubs/Publications

And more to come... As usual...

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