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This page contains photos of various Hidden Mickeys which can be found at Disneyland. After each description is my (personal opinion) on the "realness" of each. For more information on just what Hidden Mickeys are, please check out:

The Hidden Mickey List web-site
  1. Moonliner Crate - New, on a crate under the Coca-Cola Moonliner! (Yes.)
  2. Main Gate Ticket Takers - Notice the Mickey shaped holes for the speaker grill. (Yes.)
  3. Stroller Rental Booth - The cutout shapes at the end of the sign. (Maybe.)
  4. Great Moments/Walt Disney Story - Notice the globe with mouse ears. (Yes.)
  5. Penny Arcade - The Esmarelda fortune teller has Mickey cards. (Yes.)
  6. Plaza Gardens Restaurant - Is the pattern in the glass center a Mickey? (I doubt it.)
  7. Main Street Candy Store - The arrangement of lollypops. (Yes.)
  8. Terrace Restaurant - Three picture frames making a wannabe Mickey? (I doubt it.)
  9. Main (Side) Street - Look hard at this lattice work. (I don't think so.)
  10. Adventureland (Near Indy) - This jeep has gagues removed to make a Mickey. (Maybe.)
  11. Swiss Family Treehouse - Look at the bowls of yarn and yse your imagination. (Maybe.)
  12. Swiss Family Treehouse - In the fruit bowl, use it again here. (Maybe Again.)
  13. Disney Gallery Balcony - With Mickey shapes at the corner of the lattice-work. (Not when up close!)
  14. New Orleans Balcony - Well, maybe it's a malformed Mickey... (Nope!)
  15. Country Bear Jamboree - In this game, A bell and two lights for Mickey? (Maybe?)
  16. Hungry Bear Restaurant - Well, there are three rocks... (Maybe?)
  17. Briar Patch Shop - See the sunflowers? (Yes)
  18. Frontierland (Near Stage Door Cafe) - With Mickey taking a stroll with the ladies. (Yes!)
  19. Sleeping Beauty's Castle - Reported Mickey in the ironwork pattern. (I doubt it.)
  20. CircleVision - In the exit area mural. Doesn't look like it to me. (No.)
  21. Tomorrowland Starcade - With meteors to make a Mickey...almost. (No.)
  22. Tomorrowland - In the mural, invert the circles to see a Mickey. (No.)
  23. Tom Sawyer Island - A lock in a cave, like the one in Pirates. (No.)
  24. Toontown Spin - In the loading section of the queue. (Yes.)
  25. Clarabelle's Frozen Yogurt - A "paint spot" on the closed serving window. (Yes.)
  26. Tom Sawyer Treehouse - A wooden "patch" in the treehouse. (Yes.)
  27. Briar Patch Shop #2 - They just moved it to another wall. (Still Yes.)
  28. Found on the Ground - The most mysterious Hidden Mickey of them all. (Not!)

Permission to use any of these images (with credit and/or a link back to my main Disney page) is expressly given...just let me know about it. Enjoy!

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