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Disneyland VS Adventureland
A Photo Comparison
Disneyland, CA Adventureland, IA
Both have light signs with "flags" above them.
The entrance/exit gates are very similar.
Both train stations have flower designs in front, and tunnel entrances to the left and right.
Both have similar theaters to the right on "Main Street". Both have an animatronic person.
Both Main Streets use forced perspective.
And a musical western show in each park.
And archways into various "themed areas".
There are many other things at Adventureland which really make you think the owner was inspired by Disney. But do they go too far? At Adventureland, there is a rocking boat ride called the Galleon. When it first starts to rock, their sound system plays a bit of "Yo Ho" from Disney's Pirates of the Carribean. (Note: I didn't notice any soundtrack on my visit this summer so perhaps they removed this.)

Adventureland's first area is called Main Street, and Disneyland has Main Street U.S.A. There is an area at Disneyland called Adventureland. Disneyland has a ride called the Mad Hatter's Tea Party involving spinning tea cups, while Adventureland has a less-themed ride they just call the Tea Cups. (Okay, so I'm pushing it here...)

At Adventureland's Outlaw Gulch area there is a Boot Hill style graveyard with three tombstones all of which are practically word for word the same epitaths from stones in front of the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World.
[Tombstone#1] [Tombstone#2] [Tombstone#3]
"Good ol' Fred / A great big rock fell on his head." "Good friend Gordon / Now you've crossed the river Jordan." "Rest in peace cousin Huet / We all know you didn't do it."

For 1996, the park opened a new ride called The Underground with the storyline of how they unearthed it deep inside Adventureland, and details about how the guests can go explore looking for the treasure... Which reminds me, at least in vauge concept, to a 1995 addition to Disneyland...

Coincidence? Well, these things do happen... I'll let you decide. Welcome to Al's InfoPages!02/14/2001 9:41 PM

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