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For the past eight years, Allen Huffman has been chronicling the CoCoFests by writing reports and distributing them online, as well as through publications such as UpTime, The International OS-9 Underground, and CoCo~123, just to name a few. Through the years, his Fest reports have been read by hundreds -- maybe even thousands -- of loyal Color Computer enthusiasts. Now, for the first time, these reports have been collected for publication.

This book represents the definitive work of Allen, brought to you in an all-new typeset, spell-checked, and proofread edition which was unveiled at the 7th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFest this past April. A limited run of these 192 page books was made and the remaining stock is available for a limited time only (and certainly only while supplies last) at a special introductory price.

Why should you buy this book? It represents what could be one of the last major efforts to document CoCo history. It also contains many items never before published including some material written just for this book! Read special reports and introductions from Carl Boll, Ken Fish, Tony Podraza, Mike Knudsen, Terry Simons, James Jones, and Brother Jeremy. It also features a bonus section on the history of CoCo music!

Discover what all the inside jokes were about in exclusive Behind the Scenes sections:

Find the answers to these and many more!

This book was professionally put together and features a long-lasting metal spiral binding, thick card stock cover, and more pages of post-RAINBOWfest information than you could shake a joystick at. Don't be left out!

Order CoCoFest Chronicles Online! Thanks to modern internet technology, now you can order your very own copy of CoCoFest Chronicles using a credit card direct from the web. Visit the following link and "register" your copy through and within a few days it should be speeding towards you!


Be sure to check out another Color Computer product available online! Roger Taylor's Projector 3 for CoCo's with 512K and a 6309 processor. This viewer represents one of the best efforts ever to make the 1980s technology display 1990s images. Follow the following link for more details!

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