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Even though I've had a desire for some time to pick up a home version of laser tag, I wasn't very impressed with the offerings I saw at local toy shops. Toymax's Laser Challenge looked too much like a kids game, and just had the appearance of something I'd certainly look silly playing. BUT, when I stumbled across the Laser Challenge web site, I saw a picture of something called "Laser PRO", which looked a bit more like an arena game unit, including vest. No details were given on the product and no web searches turned up anything either. Imagine my suprise when I stumbled into Toys R Us and found two sets for sale! At $119 a pair, it's a hefty price to pay for a "toy", but I believe the price is worth it.

A full review of the unit will have to wait, but let me summarize the major features:

Toymax says they will reveal more codes in the future via commercials, magazine ads, and their web site. Since the gun only has "1", "2", "3", and the "e" enter button, that limits the number of possible codes. The longest codes are so far three digits, which means there are only 39 possibilities. 14 codes are supplied, leaving only 25 left to be revealed or, as I predict, discovered by internet fans.

NEW!Click here for a well done list of all the known codes and their specific features (so far).

Here is my list of the known codes so far:

Single Digit Codes:

  1	Competition Mode (120 shots, 4 reloads, 10 hits, lights, norm sound)
  2	Pro Mode (60 shots, 2 reloads, lights, norm sounds)
  3	N/A

Double Digit Codes:

 11	Timed Mode (10 minutes, 120 shots, 4 reloads, 10 hits, basic sounds)
 12	Silent Mode (Competition mode without sounds)
 13	No Reload Mode (Competition mode without reloads)
 21	Lights Out Mode (Competition mode without lights)
 22     GAME CODE from
        (no reloads, 2 blast shields, 2 max blasts, rapid and super rapid fire
        available, temporary silent mode, all lights and sound work, 10 hits
        until elimination)
 23     Same as 22, but with AutoBlast.
 31     Competition mode, with a time limit?
 32     Competition mode, with a time limit?
 33     GAME CODE from
        (3 reloads, 1 blast shield, 2 max blasts, rapid and super rapid fire
         available, 1 temporary silent, all lights and sound work,
         10 hits until elimination)
        *UPDATE* to above from
        "War Code".  Enter it when unit is turned on.  Gives you new sounds.
        Rapid and regular laser codes work during game.  Machine gun is
        primary weapon.

Triple Digit Codes:

111	Reload
112 NEW from FATH0M
        AutoBlast (3 seconds of continuous fire, one use per game)
113	Blast Shield
121	Max Blast
122	Temporary Silent Mode
123	Display Reloads
131	Reset (non-PRO Laser Challenge)
132     from Erikg
        5 second rapid fire shot.
133	Super Rapid Fire

211     from Erikg
        "Jams" opponent's gun for 10 seconds.
212     from Erikg
        Random effects (he says "try it").  [3 jams per game total.]
    NEW FATH0M says it's a 5 second "disrupt".
213     from Erikg
        Gun counts down from 10.  During this time, hit someone 3 times and
        you WIN.  (Wow!  Now that one is cool :)
221 NEW from FATH0M
        Empties your opponent's current clip.  Also turns off your own
        AutoBlast.  UNLIMITED.
222 NEW from FATH0M
        Enemy Healer Shot - removes one hit from next opponent you shoot.
223	Transfer Blast Shield Supply
231 NEW from FATH0M
        Transfer Max Blast - to next person you shoot.
232 NEW from FATH0M
        Transfer Disrupt/Jam - to next person you shoot.
233 NEW from FATH0M
        Transfer Heal - to next person you shoot.
311 NEW from FATH0M
        Blast Shield for 10 seconds, total of ten per game.
312     from Erikg and Tom Baugher and FATH0M
        Heal - removes one hit (if you have 8 hits, this code makes it 7)
313 NEW from FATH0M
        Delayed Blast Shield - 5 seconds, activates after your first hit,
        and not count towards your BlastShield total (?).
321     clarified by Erikg and FATH0M
        Super Strength (3 hits = 1 hit of damage) - absorbs next two hits.
322 NEW from FATH0M
        Transfer Clip - to next person you shoot.
323 NEW from FATH0M
        AutoBlast - 6 seconds of rapid fire.
331 NEW from FATH0M
        Disable - temp. shut off pak until you pull the trigger ("pause").

332 NEW from FATH0M
        Disable - temp. shut off pak for 7 seconds ("pause").
333 NEW from Erikg and FATH0M
        Disable - shut off pak.  Enter 3+3+3+E again to resume. ("pause")

I'll try to redo this chart and color code things later on.

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