August 22nd, 2001 - I've decided to give these old pages a new home. The content is old, but perhaps it is still useful.

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You have selected an item which is currently unavailable. This basically means I have listed something on one of my pages which really doesn't exist, but will be, hopefully, coming soon. Maybe. So, check back again from time to time and one day there may very well be a link to follow that goes somewhere other than this message. Not that this is a bad message by any means. Sure, it's rather plain and a bit uninformative, but still, it's a nice message none the less. Many hours of creative writing went into this page but, unfortunately, most of it was lost due to a rather strange bug in an un-named product from a very big, very successful, very rich, un-named computer software company. Actually, that really didn't happen, but it's very easy to believe since, sadly, there do seem to be many rather strange bugs in many un-named products from the fore un-mentioned very big, very successful, and very rich un-named computer software company.

No, really...

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