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I just purchased a copy of the excellent Walt Disney World Explorer CD-ROM. This software package (which is as much a commercial for WDW as it is the ultimate software toy for Disney fans) contains numerous sound and video segments. Upon examining the CD, I decided to try to figure out the naming convention used.

The disc itself has various install programs in it's root directory, then there is a subdirectory called WDW. Inside this are directories for most letters of the alphabet which contain files. File format appears to be as follows:

     x yy z #### . ext

Where "x" is the land/area, "yy" is the attraction, and "z" is the type of file. Brief experimentation with the sound files seems to go something like this:

The Magic Kingdom

Epcot Center Disney/MGM Studios There is "M" too which seems to be everything else, such as the resorts. It appears to also have some format for the help messages and other bits of audio which don't belong anywhere else.

The attractions are fairly obvious. Here are some of them:

You will also find "ET" which is an Entertainment spiel, and "RS" which is "Restaurants/Shops".

The sound types appear to be one of three kinds:

There is alot more too it than just this, but I didn't dig much further into it. Doing pattern searches will let you look for files of a certain type, such as "???M*.WAV" to see all the music files, or "A??X*.WAV" for all the Adventureland narration files. I suspect a similar format applies to the movie and panoramic files but I haven't checked.

If you do some looking and care to complete this list, by all means do. Keep in mind, Disney owns those samples, movies, and images and it would be copyright infringement to use them yourself (such as on a website) so don't do it.

Now ... we need the Hidden Mickey cheat list. I managed to find 10 on my own and see the special video clip of Walt Disney. Here are two sites which contain lists of where to find them:

Hidden Mickeys of the Walt Disney World Explorer CD-ROM
The Hidden Mickey's CD-ROM list


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